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Visit from IPA Germany


As a result of a long, productive and sincere collaboration with IPA Macedonia, National executive board of IPA Germany, led by the president Mr. Horst W. Bichl, had a meeting in Skopje this February.

This visit was used for excanging experience and planning future collaboration.


IPA_Macedonia_Croatia_02 (1)

Visiting IPA-Croatia and decision of PEB

In the period from 25.02.2014 to 03.01.2014 at the invitation of IPA-Croatia, our delegation of IPA lead by President Ljupcho Andonovski attended at the meeting with the international PEB IPA, on which meeting a decision was mede for full adoption of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA in the world IPA organization, which votes for reception and its verifiation will be made at the annual conference of the IPA that wil be held at the end of September in POTSDHAM Germany. This is the final phase of our full admission to the world body as a the result of our previous actions and results .
Days spent in Croatia were splendid in achieving more contacts , conversations and socializing with invited members of IPA sections of the Balkans , that was attended by delegations from IPA- Serbia, Bosnia , Montenegro and Albania. In additionhere are some of the pictures that testify for the atmosphere that was present during the meetings.


Celebrating full membership in the World IPA

IPA Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia celebrates its full membership in the World Association IPA in the period 10-12.10.2014

The celebration began with a dinner attended by delagates from IPA Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Germany and Turkey.

The celebration was opened by IPA President of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Mr. Ljupcho Andonovski with solemn speech, meeting with the history and beginnings and path that moves IPA Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to become a full member of the World Police Association, while expressing gratitude to Member States from the region and all the friends who generously supported Macedonia IPA.

President of Croatia IPA “Milenko Vidak,” said he was very pleased and it is his tremendous honor for full accession of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA World Association. On this occasion IPA Croatia awarded our delegates: President Ljupcho Andonovski Mirchela Arsic, Jasmina Galevska, Robertina Aceski Tony Jakimovksi, for the great contribution and achieving the goals of the IPA,

Other presidents of IPA regions also held a short speech and giving a brief overview of the cooperation and thanking as part of the festive celebrations.

The name of this ceremony and full membership, to the IPA and Delegations friends, IPA Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia gave gratitude that emphasized his gratitude for the realized cooperation in a spirit of friendship and IPA. “SERVO PER AMIKECO”

In addition to the testimony of the wonderful atmosphere.


IPA – region Skopje with the students from the Faculty for Detectives and Security FON Skopje

On 23.03.2014 a lecture is being held based on subject “Traces of papillary lines” – their detection and raising.
The lecture was conducted by students from the Faculty of Detectives and Security – FON accomanied with the members of the IPA region of Skopje. This is another socializing with students of the Faculty which has become a tradition. They conducted theoretical and practical teaching ability students the opportunity to participate in the detection and raising the traces of papillary lines.


Visiting the IPA Club Kosovsko Pomoravje

On invitation of the club IPA Kosovso Pomoravje for their international gathering, which was held from 19 – 09/22/2014 Vlasinsko Lake – Serbia, IPA delegation from Formar Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and regional club IPA Prilep attended at this already traditional international meeting. There were representatives of IPA Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia IPA members of regional clubs. Dinner was held where medals were awarded for success in sport games organized in shooting, ping pong, darts and traditional cooking goulash. Members of the delegation of IPA Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia won two second places in disciplines darts and cooking goulash.20140920_202218









ИПА Македонија со полноправно ченство

IPA Macedonia (former yugoslav republic of Macedonia) is a full afiliated member

At a conference held in Germany – Potsdam from 02 – 07.09.2014 year, we were presented by President Ljupcho Andonovski, our delegate Tony Jakimovski and our Election Commission member Mirchela Arsic. The conference is terminated in our receiving full membership in the IPA world, as a result of our long and successful work and recognition of our overall effort and commitment. We will continue on the same course within the spirit and tradition of the IPA movement.



IPA cooperation with the kindergarden Rade Jovcevski – Korcagin

On 04.04.2014 by IPA Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Skopje region, a cooperation has been achieved, visiting the police station “Kisela Voda” and the Crime Unit of SVR Skopje. The visitor were children from kindergarten “Rade Jovcevski Korcagin ” – Skopje .
The event was educational and achive approach for the children at younger age with the police and an introduction to basic concepts in the field of police work and traffic management, demonstrating some police methods and techniques from everyday police work .
The event was attended from 50 children with their tutors, acoplished with the members of the management board of IPA Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the region of Skopje and Macedonia IPA members
For successful cooperation kindergarten realized ” Rade Jovcevski Korcagin ” award gratitude to IPA Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Skopje region, the region of Skopje and IPA members.